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Kiluan Bay, Dolphin Hunting

Posted by picnicholic on May 9, 2010 at 9:57 PM

Another Friday night on the road, this time to a remote place in another island. Kiluan, a small island, one of the island surrounding Lampung, southern part of Sumatra. Kiluan is actually a small bay, and believe it or not, it’s not even mentioned on the map!. Though I’ve never heard of the name until last month, those pictures I saw on someone’s blog capturing its magnificent view stunned me. I can’t stop thinking about coming to that place ever since, those pictures really captivated my mind.  Our journey started from two and a half hour drive from Jakarta to Merak harbor. Then continued by another two and a half hour crossing the ocean heading Sumatra mainland to Bahauheni harbor. Kiluan is located in Tanggamus regency of Lampung province. About five hours drive from Bahauheni harbour or two hours drive from Bandar Lampung. 

The road was not anything we have predicted it would be, although we have been told that it was going to be a tough one, it still shocked us. The last hour of the road was a total off-road, rocky and very narrow, not to mention driving next to cliffs when even a tiny little mistake could mean an insurance claim on your life. The magnificent views along the way were an exception, an additional thrill.

Once we stepped our foot on the bay, those hardship and struggle to get to that place was worth it. The blue and green color of the sea reflected by the sun, the clean water, beautiful beaches surrounded by big rocks and cliffs naturally shaped by ocean waves. The idea of being in a place so beautiful, so remote not even signs of civilization exists. No electricity, no phone, no TV, no radio, not even signal of any mobile operator were found here. Well, what do you expect? The place is not even mentioned on the map.

Less than 300 families live here, Balinese, Sudanese, Javanese gathered in one peaceful harmony. Depending their life as fishermen and farmer. Time changes when people started to come to this remote place, both domestic and foreigners tourist.

Nowadays, most fishermen also rented their small boat for a short dolphin tour.


Jukung, a very small boat which only fit for three persons function both as a mean of transportation and a tool to make a living, are rented for dolphin tour around the bay area. Next to a deep ocean made this bay a perfect playground for those beautiful mammals. Those dolphins can easily be found here and that was also our main reason to come. We were lucky indeed to have spotted them playing and jumping around next to our small boats.“There used to be many of them nearer, less than 30 minutes drive we were able to see them if we’re lucky enough. Nowadays, it takes us further to the ocean just to see them dance and not so many of them either now” said our Jukung’s captain. “Especially when we come on a calmer tide and less wave, they would be all over us jumping around after catching their feast” he added.


Honestly, it scared me at first, to sail into the wide ocean without any safety, let alone on a tiny boat which only the size of your two thighs put together and standing is not even possible. It made you think of what a great power God has on you, that even a slightest mistake would end your story in the history. And there we were, in the ocean, inside our tiny jukung, with no life-vest whatsoever, watching those dolphins dance. It's priceless and it felt very good. It felt so good I even forget my scary thoughts of our safety, of our crazy scream passing those rocky roads next to the cliffs. Above all that, it was all worth it...


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